Local apps for locals.

News, events, useful info and much more.
All in the same app.



Real time news out of the box.


Complete event framework that gathers web public events too.

Custom Content

Dynamic tabs, thematic tabs, directories, categories and much more.

Multi Language

Fully translated. News and events are all translated.


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About Us

We are a Technology Startup based in Faro, Portugal.
We want to give to local citizens and tourists all the relevant information about the places where we have our apps!

Do you know what’s happening today in your city?

Have you missed events you would like to assist lately?

Those news that your friends are talking about and was completely under the radar?

Do you find what you want? Do you know how to do it?

Know the apps? The web sites? The places? The groups?

Do the big media have your area covered?

When you are searching, is it easy to do it in your mobile? Do you find it?

We are working hard to make these questions part of the past. If you want more informations please send us an email at: info@pixyapp.com.